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"The master of good energy, and modern renaissance man: Zeboria Peters"

- Autumn Woods, The Big Truth


At the age of 15, Zeboria was launched into the spotlight taking part in the national youth television show The Next Star: Supergroup as Zee. Performing as a principal personality throughout the entire season, he acquired the knowledge and skills that would lead him to many successes along his journey.

Shortly after the end of The Next Star: Supergroup, Zeboria took a step back to start his songwriting career as Johnny Gr4ves. At the age of 17, he placed his first major release with Pegboard Nerds titled "Just Like That" that reached #9 on the Billboard dance charts alongside their Pink Cloud EP which was created to raise awareness for breast cancer research. At 18, Zeboria had the opportunity to write a top charting album for Polish star Dawid Kwiatkowski titled COUNTDOWN That also led to a performance at the 2017 World Games and an MTV EMA for 'Best Polish Act'. Most notably, Zeboria has been featured in five different tracks on Cyberpunk 2077 and shortly after, the theme song of Beyblade Burst: Surge.


2020 marked the start of Zeboria's latest brand RUSUR that puts him in the front seat after over 7 years of working in the entertainment industry. The RUSUR brand is a distilled representation of all Zeboria's experiences in one place; with over 18 million collective views on his projects, the relationships built, and skillset learned, RUSUR is set to be the next big brand.

All these sides of Zeboria come together to represent one thing: It is not who we say we are that creates change, it is what we do.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

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