Whether it's acting, modelling, music, or philanthropy, Zeboria has what you need to make your brand stand out. With a Top album under his belt, his voice on the theme song of Beyblade, and one of the biggest video games of all time, Cyberpunk 2077, and over 20 million views on his associated projects, he is undoubtedly your next best bet.

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Click Me!

He is as diverse as it comes. If you need a host packed with charm, or a song for your next major project, Zeboria never fails to deliver quality at every turn.


His mantra is all about being the best version of you that you can be. Zeboria can represent your brand with flare and spice.


Already with two features on the Herschel brand Parkland, Zeboria can make any product feel multidimensional

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Being raised by a stylist, Zeboria is always looking for new ways to share the love of clothing expression and help expand our ideas of style.


Featuring on the most anticipated game of all time, and recording over 400 songs as well as vocal promotions, Zeboria's voice might be his sharpest tool. 


Catch Zeboria in action in his demo reels below

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Zeboria offers a sliding scale depending on the company and if you are a non-profit he has a discounted rate!